The Stylish Guide: 7 Ways to Care for Your Wardrobe

The Stylish Guide: 7 Ways to Care for Your Wardrobe

Here at StylishGuy Menswear we believe that taking care of your wardrobe should be just as important as stocking it with the right clothes. We want to share our top tips to ensure your clothes last forever. 


1. Don't Wash Your Clothes Too Often

Over-washing your clothes will make them look faded and worn. Save yourself the hassle. As a rule of thumb, if it looks clean and smells clean, it’s probably clean.


2. Seal Your Suede

It's not rocket science, when you buy new suede shoes we believe it's necessary to invest in a protector and spray them. This will benefit you in the long run. 

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3. Know when to Fold, Know when to Hang

Most t-shirts are best suited to be folded, whether long sleeve or short sleeve along with most jumpers. Shirts are best hung up in the wardrobe, together with suits and making sure they are spaced out.


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4. Check Your Pockets

ALWAYS double check your pockets. You will surprise yourself with the amount of stuff you leave in them. The last thing you want is a little tissue destroying your laundry.


5. Always Separate Your Colours

As tempting as it is to just throw all your laundry into the machine and boom - please don't do it. Divide your colours and wash them separately, or at least pick up a box of Colour Catchers. We recommend washes no higher than 40 degrees. 

6. Hang Them Out To Dry

Unless the shirt you’ve just washed is the only one you own (if so, you can pick up some more shirts here) there is no good reason for drying your clothes in a dryer. Although the easy option, a dryer will shrink your clothes and make them fade. The alternative of using a clothes horse or a washing line will allow your clothes to look brand new for longer.

7. Turn Inside Out

Lastly is our most simple tip to preserve the life of your clothes. Turning your clothes inside out when washing. The outside of the clothes won't receive the abuse from the washing machine and they will still be equally as clean. 



We hope you enjoyed our top tips and will go on to live a long happy life with your wardrobe. 

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