Stand Out and be Instantly Stylish - Pattern Shirts 101

Stand Out and be Instantly Stylish - Pattern Shirts 101

Here at StylishGuy, we understand that most men tend to limit the bold patterns in their wardrobes to ties and socks, with the common misconception being that, any pattern more adventurous than a check print, is hard to pull off. When in actual fact, a striking print is the most effortless way to stand out and come across as a confident individual.

 Grey Blue Bird Pattern Shirt from White Label at StylishGuy Menswear

To elevate your classic jeans and shirt look, we advise starting by sticking to one pattern per outfit. Let the print become centre stage by combining it with plain or neutral colours of denim or a chino. This is the most fool-proof method for those who are apprehensive. 

Blue Sunflower shirt from Marnelli at StylishGuy MenswearBlue Sunflower Shirt from Marnelli Ireland at StylishGuy Menswear

The patterned shirt can be easily incorporated into the office, paired with a plain blazer, or for those more daring, subtle patterns can be mixed together. 

If you want to make the transition from well-presented to MEMORABLE pick up a patterned shirt here. Always remember, what's the point in fashion if you can't have a little fun?


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